UNDETECTABILITY, a symposium-like-gathering of choreographies, lectures, sounds, screenings, and discussions

“Some things, however, remain mysterious and unspectacular and in this, I think there is hope. The fate of the world relies on the promise of the negative just as we can rely that sight is not the only sense.”

- Anne Boyer

On Tuesday, March 21st, from Twilight to just past midnight, "Undetectability" – a symposium-like gathering of choreographies, lectures, sounds, screenings, and discussions – will unfold at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, on the first day of a new lunar phase, when the moon is undetectable to the naked eye. Over the course of an evening, collaborators – artists, performers, musicians, theoreticians, dancers, curators and designers – are invited to unfold a diverse set of propositions for alternative, fugitive temporalities, affects and bodily practices that explore darkness, visibility, sight, blindness, invisibility and latency. Undetectability explores a techno-cultural landscape in which we consent to be highly visual and completely detectable economically, in a visual and digital culture characterized by latency. Equally Undetectability explores and traces those unquantifiable, invisible labors and life drives that cannot be counted and which are not overtly detectable but upon which all is propped up: maintenance, hosting, hospitality, holding and care. Might resisting the highly visible and thus the highly measurable/ metric with a less detectable form of dead time be a restitution of life? And might this resistance reveal bright and vibrant things which only become legible, and palpable, in a moment of undetectability?

Maibritt Borgen, Taina Bucher, Nanna Debois Buhl, Hendrik Folkerts, Irena Haiduk with Christian Schmidtz and Sofija Majic, Jenny Graf Sheppard, Rune Hjarnø Rasmussen, Cally Spooner with Sanna Blennow and Will Holder, Cia Rinne, and Kristin Veel